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Wear Resistant Household Kitchen Glove | Nitrile | 3 Pairs

  • $25.99

Wear Resistant Household Kitchen Glove | Nitrile | 3 Pairs

  • $25.99


Ditch disposable rubber gloves for nitrile gloves that are durable, non toxic, odor free and environmentally friendly.Kitchen Glove

We bring nitrile into the common household kitchen glove and made it really strong. Nitrile gloves are manufactured using synthetic latex, which is 3x more puncture resistant than natural rubber. They offer superior resistance to punctures and abrasions and are also used for protection against a variety of chemicals and high/low temperature.

If you are prone to kitchen accidents like cutting your fingers (like us!) when preparing a meal, then wear these kitchen gloves to protect from possible injury.  Puncture and cut resistant. Ideal as a butcher's glove as well.


Use them as dishwashing gloves.


Bathroom cleaning gloves. Especially handy when using bleach as nitrile can withstand harsh chemical erosion better than latex gloves.


Pick up broken glass, ceramics, any sharp, rough edge items.


Handle fruits like durian, pineapple or prepare fish and crustaceans without being pricked by the sharp parts.

If you are allergic to latex gloves, then nitrile will be the best option for you. Nitrile gloves does not contain natural rubber latex proteins, so there are no latex allergy concerns. 

It's time to ditch disposable gloves and wear nitrile gloves. Not only do they not have an unpleasant odor, they are more durable than latex gloves and will lasts a longer time. 

Caution : Please do not recreate the video demonstration here for your own safety. Nitrile can still eventually tear at certain angles, so it is not a superman of gloves. We do not market this as indestructible. Always exercise precaution when using knives, with or without nitrile gloves.




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