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The Almighty Ceramic Band | Compatible with Apple Watch

  • $44.99

The Almighty Ceramic Band | Compatible with Apple Watch

  • $44.99

Our favorite type of band because we are obsessed with things that can stay new and shiny forever! 

4x harder than stainless steel

Four times harder than stainless steel, the ceramic band is virtually scratch proof, rust and corrosion resistant. If you are someone who cringe at even the slightest hairline scratches, then this is the right band for your daily wear.

Fade and temperature resistant

It does not fade or discolor, is hypoallergenic and best of all, ceramic feels like body temperature all the time. No more nasty shocks from wearing metal strap watches on a freezing winter's day.

It looks the same today, tomorrow and forever. Wish humans could be like this too, never age a single day!


Stainless steel butterfly buckle

Features a sleek stainless steel butterfly buckle that is easy to clasp. Band can also be shortened easily by yourself.

This is the almighty ceramic. Just don't drop it from high ground, it may crack.Even superheros have their kryptonite yea?


Compatible with Apple Watch.



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