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Pineapple Corer | Stainless Steel | Easiest Way to Enjoy Pineapples

  • $29.99

Pineapple Corer | Stainless Steel | Easiest Way to Enjoy Pineapples

  • $29.99


Peeling and cutting pineapple does not have to be a drag.

Top view of person cutting pineapple with knife

If you are afraid of handling the pineapple and doing all that cutting and digging of the eyes, then it's time to get a pineapple extractor tool that makes it super easy.

Pineapple Corer

 Use the pineapple corer to dig out the wholesome goodness of this delicious fruit and enjoy it fresh. Forget pre-cut ones from the supermarket. It may have lost some of its vitamins by the time you purchase them.

Cored pineapple, pineapple rings on plate, pineapple corer in green, black and yellow next to it

The stainless steel corer is easy to use, safe and fast.  Simply slice the top of the pineapple then push the corer into the flesh and twist all the way down. You may want to put the pineapple on a plate as some juices will leak out as you do this.

Man extracting pineapple from the shell using the pineapple corer

Once at the bottom, you are able to pull the corer out and voila! You have a beautiful pineapple chunk cut up in spirals, without the eyes. Remove the handle and tilt out the pineapple. It's ready to eat.

Pineapple Corer 2


Pineapple corer extracts pineapple out leaving the core, cuts pineapple into rings

Buy whole pineapples and have fun cutting it up, the kids will love watching you do it. Not only is it more nutritious to buy a whole pineapple, it is more economical and hygienic as well. The beautifully cut rings will inspire children to eat more and get more vitamin C.

Stay strong, stay healthy, get a pineapple corer and you will not regret this handy kitchen tool.

Caution : Kids should not be allowed to handle this tool without adult supervision.



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