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Hands Free Expandable Pooper Scooper for Dogs

  • $29.99

Hands Free Expandable Pooper Scooper for Dogs

  • $29.99


Your best friend's poo buddy.

Tired of holding long handle pooper scoopers? 
Not enough hands as you have to walk 5 dogs at once?
Wish you didn't have to hold so many things and just focus on holding the dogs?
Use this clip on folded pooper scooper, it is one of those things that just makes our lives a lil' better. A must tool for any dog owners or professional dog walkers. This is the best pooper scooper for dogs if you are walking more than 2 dogs and you need your hands to be holding the leashes, not any other things and certainly not the pooper scooper.
Man with hands free pooper scooper attached to his jeans belt loop via a carabiner clip
  • Hands free - carabiner clip allows you to hook it on your belt loop, backpack, stroller or leash, so you can just focus on holding your dog or dogs.
  • Sanitary - cover scoop jaws with plastic bag, open it and scoop up the waste. You will never have to feel the mushy sensation of picking up poop with your hands.
  • Extendable - pull up the back portion to make it bigger if there's a bigger mess to scoop.

HOW TO USEHow to use hands free pooper scooper

Expandable Pooper Scooper for Dogs (Bag Included)

The scooper never gets dirty. You can still wash it once in a while if you feel like it. The only thing that ever touches the poo is the biodegradable waste bag. After scooping, just tie and dispose properly. It's so convenient, we love it!
Expandable Pooper Scooper for Dogs (Bag Included) 2


Choose Small for smaller to medium sized dogs.
Get the Large for large sized dogs.
Small - 4.5 x 5.5(H) inches / 11.5 x 14(H) cm
Large - 6.1 x 7.5(H) inches / 15.5 x 19(H) cm
Size of the hands free pooper scooper

Each purchase will come with 1 complimentary waste bag roll

Biodegradable dog waste bag goes into the back of the pooper scooper
1 roll has 15 pieces of biodegradable waste bag. You can choose to continue to purchase from us or any other brands as long as it fits. If it doesn't it's alright, you can still carry the roll in your pocket and tear off what you need and stuff it into the pooper scooper. Alternatively, you may also use your own plastic bags, if you have them through buying groceries or daily necessities.
While we love our long handle pooper scooper, we love this for its compactness and the fact that it can be hooked on, so you have one thing less to hold. You will not regret having it!
You can buy waste refills bags up to 10 rolls/150 pieces here.


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