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Drink Fresh Cat Water Fountain with LED Glow

  • $63.99

Drink Fresh Cat Water Fountain with LED Glow

  • $63.99


Drink More, Drink Clean.Cat licking water from cat water fountain

Anyone with cats knows they love to eat but rarely drink water.

  • Cats are extremely fussy with water, they like it clean if not they won't drink.
  • Cats cannot see water as clearly as food, therefore out of sight, out of mind.

This cat water fountain features a flower spout that drips water down in a calming and enticing way to attract your cats to it and drink more.


Peace of mind for you.

Able to contain as much as 81oz/2.4L of water, you will have some peace of mind that they won't run out of drinking water if you are away for long hours. Also, you don't have to keep washing and refilling the bowl every few hours. Saves time during the mad morning rush.


Clean water, healthier pets.

Carbon filter for the cat water fountain works in triple action to filter debris, cat hair, sediment, odor

Activated carbon filter that is placed into the water fountain works in a triple action to filter pet hair, sediments, microorganisms, odor and residual chlorine to keep the water clean and keeps it from becoming stale. This is especially important because if cats drinks less often due to not liking stale water, they face a higher risk of getting kidney disease.

Before using, rinse the carbon filter thoroughly to wash away micro dust as a result of manufacturing.

Carbon filter to wash before using. Image of tap with running water onto the filter

Small to medium pets.Drink Fresh Cat Water Fountain with LED Glow video_cat_dogFour images showing 3 cats and 1 small dog drinking from the cat water fountain

Ideal for cats but also works for small to medium dogs. Just remove the flower spout if it is for dogs as they like a bigger surface to drink from. Even birds can enjoy this!


Non Toxic, BPA free.

Finely polished antibacterial PP plastic that is BPA free. It is dishwasher safe but we just recommend you to hand wash it, don't mix it with your plates.


LED glowCat water fountain glowing with blue LED light at night

At night, the pet water fountain gives off a beautiful blue glow. Blue tells you that it is working fine. Powered by USB, it is easy - but we also provide specific country's plugs for your to choose.Image showing how to use the cat water fountain

Common FAQ :

1. Can this pet fountain tip over and spill? It has a generous base and is stable. However, if you pets have been chasing each other and ran into it at high speed (esp medium sized dogs), we cannot guarantee that it won't fall over. But the likelihood of this is small. 

2. What happens if there is a power outage, would the pet fountain be totally dry? There will be a small catchment on the bowl and they can drink from there. Having said that, it is just a small catchment. If you are worried about it, we suggest you always have a standby bowl of water, just to be safe. It's always good to have a backup :-)

3. What happens if the cat vomits into this fountain? It is unfortunate if it happens. Due to the height of the fountain, it is not so easy to vomit onto it as cats tend to vomit at a low crouching position. Our system can still filter and clean the water out a bit till you come home. Best to wash everything out and replace the filter.

4. Can kittens use it? Depends on their size. 1-2 weeks old kitten may find it hard to reach, but once they start growing bigger, they are able to stand up and lick the bowl. It is more suitable for teen and adult cats.

5. I don't like the blue LED as it looks like martians have landed at night. Can I change to another color? Unfortunately, the only color we have is blue at this moment. It doesn't look that bad, and it doesn't bother the cats. You may eventually grow to like it :-)

6. I don't want to keep buying carbon filters. Can I skip using it? Yes, you can but you will have to change the water everyday for optimal effect.

7. What if the pump breaks down? As with electronics, things do break down. If within a month it breaks down, we will send a replacement to you at our cost.

Recommended good habits :

  • Replace carbon filter once a month if you have 1 pet, every 2 weeks if you have many pets
  • Top up the water over the week when you see the water level going down
  • Wash the fountain every week, including the carbon filter.This is especially important if you have cats/dogs that tend to have kibbles stuck on their tongue and it flows into the water while drinking
  • If insides of the fountain tends to get slimy fast (due to many factors), then clean the water fountain every three days
  • Take a look at the fountain daily before you leave for work to check water level and if it is functioning properly

    When you buy the Cat Water Fountain, you will get :

    1 x Water fountain with pump
    1 x Carbon filter
    1 x USB cable plus a US/EU/UK plug (we will send based on your country)
    1 x instruction guide

    Specifications :

    Size : 7.3(D) x 5.1(H) inches/18.6 x 13.1(H) cm
    Input voltage : 5V,1A
    Power consumption : 1.5W
    Cable length : 5.2ft/1.6m
    Weight : 24.6oz/697g

    Should you ever need replacement pump and more carbon filters, you can get them here separately.



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