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Buttock Cushion | Gel Seat Cushion | Cooling Relief

  • $59.99

Buttock Cushion | Gel Seat Cushion | Cooling Relief

  • $59.99


SUPER SOFT, SUPER SUPPORTIVE.Buttock Cushion, Gel Seat Cushion is super soft and stretchy but extremely supportive

This ultra flex polymer (gel) buttock cushion provides great support for your backside and coccyx. It is an alternative support cushion that solves the needs of users who do not want a non foam cushion. Perfect for anyone who :

  • does not like memory foam 
  • does not like donut seat cushion
  • feels uncomfortable sitting on a cushion with a hole
  • does not like to be raised up sitting on a thick cushion
  • needs more circulation to reduce buttock and groin sweat
  • needs a cushion that is stain and smell resistant
  • needs cushion that can be washed thoroughly without drying downtime

    Using super elastic gel polymer, this buttock cushion is able to provide even pressure distribution on your backside, thus promoting healthy blood circulation to reduce friction that can cause pressure sores. It also reduces the pressure on your coccyx.

    The honeycomb grid allows air to circulate through the cushion so it stays cool to the touch, almost like an cool jello.


     SAY NO TO SITTING PAINSWoman sitting on work desk smilling, happy with the buttock gel seat cushion

     Every year millions of people suffer from pain from sitting, Pain that causes bruising, back ache, sciatica and tailbone injury from improper sitting or prolonged sitting on hard surfaces. Prevent or alleviate the suffering with the gel seat cushion.


    WILL NOT BREAKButtock cushion, gel seat cushion can be rolled up

    The gel polymer collapses when you sit on it to absorb pressure and alleviate pressure sores (anti decubitus), similar to how a memory foam works. Stretch it, wring it, roll it - will not break and it retains its shape every time. Ultra soft yet extremely durable. gel seat cushion can be a car cushion but avoid leaving in cat in the heat of summer.

    However, do not leave the gel cushion in the car during summer. If it is under prolonged sun exposure and over 105°F, it may deform when you sit on it. When it comes to car seat during summer, a memory cushion foam will be more stable against the heat.


    IDEAL FOR POST SURGERY & WHEELCHAIR USERSbed sores tratment and prevention with buttocks pillow, ideal for post surgery patients and wheelchair users to prevent bed sores

    While anyone can use it, this is especially ideal for patients recovering from surgery. Sometimes there may be staining from recovering wounds which may be troublesome to wash if it were a foam cushion. With the gel cushion, stains can be immediately washed off and wiped dry. For wheelchair users, the cushion provides cooling relief due to its superior honeycomb ventilation. For elderly, this is a a good material that resists incontinence.


    ON OR OFF, IT'S UP TO YOUcoccygeal cushion, fabric cover washable, buttocks pillow

    Our honeycomb cushion pad comes with a machine washable black non slip cover but you can always remove it and sit on the gel itself for a better cooling effect. We love removing the fabric during the summer.

    Get your cooling buttock seat cushion today and feel the strength of something so fragile yet so strong supporting your body weight as you sit. You will be amazed by the feeling.

    Size : 16.5" x 14" x 1.6"(HT)/ 42cm x 35cm x 4cm(HT)

    Gel cushion with logo


    1. Is it really soft? Yes, it's even softer than memory foam. But both works in a way when you sit on it, it sinks down to absorb your weight to alleviate the pressure. It has to sink in order to prevent buildup of pressure that can lead to pressure sores.

    2. Is it suitable for large sized person? It works better on petite to medium sized body frame. However, our cushion is slightly bigger than the usual size in the market at 16.5" x 14" x 1.6"(HT). Contact us at customercare@leboosh.com if you need a bigger and thicker cushion.

    3. Does it support the tailbone? Yes, it helps to alleviate coccyx pain. But if you are recovering from tailbone fracture, it is better to use a coccyx cushion with a hole so that your tailbone is not touching the seat.

    4. How to wash? Just wash with water and mild washing liquid (optional) and wipe to dry. 

    Disclaimer : Seat cushions act to alleviate pressure, reduce friction and make sitting long hours more bearable. It does not cure existing bedsores. If you or loved one has bed sores, please get the proper treatment from medical expert as it is highly dangerous to leave it untreated. 


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