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Back Stretcher & Spine Corrector | Pain Relief

  • $44.99

Back Stretcher & Spine Corrector | Pain Relief

  • $44.99

Various types of back pain and image showing a man's body with the spine in red, symbolising paint areas

Our Back Stretcher & Spine Corrector  is a lumbar stretcher designed to provide back pain relief and restore the natural curvature of the spine over time.

Difference between natural curved spine and deformed spine

Prolonged hours of sitting at work, sitting on floor or hard surfaces, poor posture and lifting heavy items can cause our spine to deform over the years and this will cause severe pains. Even sitting on hard floor or wooden chair can be extremely detrimental to our spine.

When you lay down on the back stretcher, the arched position of your back opens up the  intervertebral disc space and this action helps to relieve any compression which accumulate throughout the day. It is especially important because if we don't decompress, it may result in herniated disc.

Illustration of how the back stretcher extends the spine, providing relief. Insert of a woman's torso, lying on the back stretcher

Ideal for any age, the younger the better as a form of prevention. The back stretcher is easy to assemble, lightweight and safe to use. 


Three adjustable levels of the back stretcher and spine corrector

Adjustable to 3 height levels based on your comfort, the back stretcher can be placed on the bed or the carpet. 

Back Stretcher & Spine Corrector with green middle foam. Insert of a woman lying on the floor with back stretcher and woman sitting on bed, leaning on back stretcher

It can also be placed on seats - work seat, car seat and sofa seat. However, it is best to lay down and relax.

Prevention is better than cure. Use this daily for a better and happier you in the long run. And of course, find time to exercise as well to build up the core muscles, which is crucial to prevent back pain.

CAUTION : Not to be used by pregnant women, people suffering from osteoporosis and had recently done surgery on their spine. 

Back Stretcher & Spine Corrector



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