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Acupressure Mat | Massage Mat Therapy | Pain Relief

  • $59.99

Acupressure Mat | Massage Mat Therapy | Pain Relief

  • $59.99



Caution : This spiky massage mat will hurt so good that you will be smiling in your sleep.Girl lying on the acupressure mat and pillow, feeling good

The acupressure mat (aka nails mat) is the quick home remedy to expensive massages. Tiny pressure tips on the mat act like a Shiatsu massage to ignite meridian points in your body to stimulate circulation, bring blood flow and warmth to the area, naturally healing the body from daily fatigue.

Promotes overall holistic wellness in the long term :

  • Stimulates feel good endorphins to reduce soreness and pain
  • Helps with migraines, anxiety and insomnia
  • Deep tissue healing
  • Relaxes entire body
Woman sleeping peacefully in bed with a smile on her faces


    Your back will become red, tingly and even sweaty after laying on it. It means it is working. The acupressure mat induces your body to produce heat by increasing the blood flow to the area touching the tips. This is internal heat that is natural and safe. Sweating helps release toxins, helping you feel better overall.Woman with neck and back pain and close up insert of the pointy tips of the acupressure mat



    For beginners, if you are afraid, you can lay a large thick towel over the spiky mat  or wear a thick pullover to cushion yourself from the pointed tips. Please do the same for the pillow before laying your neck and head on it.

    • Lay flat with entire weight of the back evenly distributed on the mat.
    • Stay still, accept the prickly sensation and heat building up.
    • Relax your body.
    • Breathe deeply.
    Ways on how to use the acupressure mat


        1. Not suitable for the following conditions (if at doubt, please consult your doctor before purchasing or using it)

        • Pregnant women
        • Those with inflammation or open wounds on skin surface
        • Children
        • Pets
        • People with hypotension
        • People with heart disease

        2. Mat must always be stored away when not in use to avoid anyone from tripping and falling onto it.

        3. Do not fall asleep onto the mat. It is not meant to be used like a mattress overnight. If you tend to fall asleep easily, set a timer and put it next to your ears.

        4. Handwash only and do not put into the dryer.

        This really goes with the saying "no pain, no gain". Try it out for yourself to experience the natural heat therapy with the the spiky acupressure mat.

         ackage comes with 1 pillow, 1 mat and 1 dust free storage bag.


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