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3D Illusion Night Lamp

  • $29.99

3D Illusion Night Lamp

  • $29.99


Futuristic Glow

Who ever gets tired of 3D LED lamps? Put these ambient lights in dark spaces to bring an artistic, futuristic vibe to the space. Think sci-fi, holograms. Makes us think of Jem and the Holograms...no? Maybe Tony Stark's holographic glove?

These lamps come with a base stand and an acrylic sheet cut out that has the shape printed onto it. When lighted, it gives off a 3D illusion, as though the image is floating. If you love the glow of moon lamps, you will love this too as it provides a visually striking piece of art to look at. Some of the shapes are very intricate, like the Eiffel Tower lamp, some are simple and sweet. 

LED casts a warm hue and is not hot to touch. Therefore, it is good for children as well, as their ambient night light.

Great anywhere, at home or commercial spaces. Personally, we like ours by the bed stand or dresser and in the corridors and kitchen, for those late night trips to get a beverage. Looks good in the bathroom too!

We especially love the one with the globe because it resonates with our wanderlust desires.

Powered by USB, 5V, no switch. Just plug in USB, it's simple as that. 



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