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Shipping Policy

1. SHIPPING LEAD TIME                      

Please see our shipping timing chart below. It is also displayed at the bottom of every product page. This is a general shipping timing, some items may be in our US warehouse or we use a faster shipping route. Feel free to check with us for the item you want           

We give customers a 2 hour grace period (from the payment time) to cancel or amend their order details. After 2 hours have passed without any email from you, we are unable to cancel your order as the order has been sent to our warehouse for processing and eventually picked up by logistics team to the airport. 

We apologize for giving a short time frame as we wish to process and get your parcels shipped soonest for your benefit.



From China and USA warehouses via secured shipping and handling.



We will send you a shipping confirmation email with the tracking code of your order after the processing period. You will need to click on the tracking number in the email and it will direct you to a website where your parcel's shipping progress will be displayed. Please note that the tracking information will be displayed 10 business days after receiving the shipping confirmation email.

"Why am I not able to track my order?"

Tracking number is always created first (once order is processed) and then captured in the system later, which can take 10 business days or more, depending on season. Therefore, if you cannot see the shipping progress of your parcel upon receiving your shipping confirmation email, please track again after 10 business days. If you are still unable to see any shipping information after 10 business days, please contact