Our Story – leBoosh!

Our Story

Boosh! is a cheeky, affectionate word we use when we talk about things that is exciting, extraordinary or amusing. Over the years, we have uttered many booshes in different manifestations - happy boosh, melodrama boosh, nonchalant boosh, sad boosh, question mark boosh… It’s like our way of saying something for the lack of saying nothing. 

So, it was just a natural progression to the creation of this site.

We wanted a curated place for things that make you say “Boosh!” when you see something that rocks your world. That is how leboosh.com started, the place where you can explore useful or sometimes just plain adorable creations that make you go “Boosh! I gotta have this in my life!”

Join leBoosh community and make Boosh! part of your lingo for the fun of it! Because…life is too short to be prim and proper all the time, right?



leBoosh! team