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iPhone Necklace | The Fresh Edition

  • $29.99

iPhone Necklace | The Fresh Edition

  • $29.99


Thank you for clicking on the Pinterest pin to read my story!

This is a REAL story of how my mobile phone fell into the toilet. I was working for a beauty company at that time. We were hosting an event with a celebrity makeup artist on that day.

As it was an event that needed me to be the emcee as well as manage the guests and everything else in between, I had decided to bring a tiny crossbody instead of my huge ass tote bag on that day. However, it was not convenient to put my phone into the tiny bag as I needed to check for whatsapp messages from my bosses and team members frequently, so I just stuffed my phone into my pant's side pocket.

I made one visit to the loo before the event started and till today, I still wished I hadn't. I made my way back to the event hall and after a few minutes, I reached for my side pocket to retrieve my phone so I could check if there were any new whatsapp messages. To my horror, it wasn't there! I checked all my pockets, nope. Frantically looked all over the floor, nothing. Never did it occur to me that it could be in the WORST possible place.

I had no choice but to go through the event as I was the emcee. I sucked terribly on stage as I was too disturbed about my missing phone. What if someone saw my stored passwords. Did I have any compromising photos in there? As the clock ticked, the crazier my thoughts got. I don't even know how I managed to last through the entire event with my half baked emceeing....I was racked with worry but I was in front of bosses, seniors and juniors, I couldn't just lose it.

After the event, I stood outside the hall thinking if I should borrow a colleague's phone to call my credit card company when a colleague rushed up and halted in front of my sorry face and blurted "Did you drop your phone in the toilet BOWL??? Someone saw one in there...."

Oh my *bleep* *bleep*!! Of course it was me. Who else?

A few *bleep* moments later, I stared dismally at my phone. There it was, sitting in the dirty toilet water, taunting me. It was NOT a clean toilet. It had stains, smell, all the good stuff...yum. God knows how many people went AFTER me. But at the same time, I was relieved that it has not fallen into wrong hands. 

Without thinking, I lowered my hand into the bowl....and my colleague (bless her!) stopped me by swatting my hand away. "Ew, don't! Are you mad?? It's gross! Let's call the cleaner, she has gloves!"

An eternity later.....my phone was handed back to me in a plastic bag. All gloriously soaked to the core. I was so embarrassed. The looks. The giggles. The whispers. My boss shaking his head. What an impression of me, this new Operations Manager they had hired. Despite all that, all I could think of is....thank god it has not fallen into the wrong hands. And rice, I need rice.

Somewhere long ago, I heard that if you buried a wet phone into a bowl of rice, the rice would soak up all the moisture. Well, a week later, the rice did nothing. 

And my phone was dead. Had to get a new one. And had to throw the rice away. End of story.

So the moral of the story is, don't put your phone in your pocket and go to toilet with it. Don't risk it! Now I put a cord around it and this is where I shamelessly proposition you to get the iPhone necklace

There have been many manifestations of such necklace, or the common word would be "lanyard". However, I personally like the iPhone necklace very much because not only is it functional, it is trendy looking as well. The braided cord is made of polypropylene which does not absorb moisture, is dirt resistant, lightweight and smooth to the skin. 

And you can adjust the cord to the length you want. It is not one length fits all.

The case is clear and simple but its soft body and raised edges absorb impact, also raise the phone off surfaces, protecting both the front of the screen and camera at the back from possible scratches.

I personally have the pink one cos I am all girly like that. Now I present new colors that will brighten up your day and outfit. I love this new purple cord with gold hardware iPhone necklace. The whole look just got elevated to a posher level!

Take a look and choose the color that suits you. Get the iPhone necklace today to protect your best friend. Keep it safe, always, not just from toilets, but from bad people. It costs nothing compared to the worry, inconvenience and cost of a lost or damaged phone.

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Written by Sarah, leBoosh co-founder.




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