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Portable Dog Water Bottle Dispenser

  • $29.99

Portable Dog Water Bottle Dispenser

  • $29.99


We know that when we go for walks, we feel hot and thirsty. So would our dog.

Corgi drinking from the portable dog water bottle

Keep our furry friend hydrated during their walks and prevent possible overheating with this dog water bottle dispenser. On hot summer days, it is a must to have a doggy bottle on standby.

It's easy to use, convenient for you and your dog will love you for this! 

Just press a button to dispense adequate amount of water into the colored cup for your pet to drink.Thirst Quencher Portable Dog Water Bottle 2

Slide button to On and then press center button to fill drinking cup with water

This keeps the remaining water in the bottle clean from bacteria for the next drink before heading home. It is also suitable for cats and other pets. It is a great bottle for long distance travel as well, more convenient than carrying a water bowl, for sure.

Thirst Quencher Portable Dog Water Bottle

Common FAQ

1. Will it leak? It is leak proof.There is a sliding on and off button to enable water flow into the drinking cup. There is also gel ring inside the bottle which prevents any leakages from the sides. So you can pop it into your backpack without any worries. 

Water will not flow out as there is a lock mechanism, model showing that you can put the bottle into a backpack
There is a silica gel seal ring inside the portable dog water bottle to prevent leakages

2. Will it break? It is made of durable plastic which is resistant to breakages. Just don't drop it from any tall building, nothing can survive that type of fall.

3. Is it safe for consumption? Yes, the dog travel water bottle is made of BPA free plastic, safe for our pets.

Anatomy of the portable dog water bottle

4. Does the cup fit every dog? Yes, it fits large dogs. In any case, if they have a large head, they will still know how to get to the water. We recommend the 19oz/550ml for larger dogs as they need more to drink. If you are a professional dog walker, then 19oz/550ml would be ideal as you may be walking few dogs at one go.the 12oz/350ml is suitable as puppy water bottle or small dogs like poodle, chihuahua, etc.

Husky drinking from the portable dog water bottle
Comparison of the 550ml and 350ml portable dog drinking water bottle to human mineral water bottle

 Choose your dog water bottle dispenser from these three lovely colors!

Blue, white and pink portable dog water bottle


If you are bringing along a bowl and a water bottle currently, it's time to upgrade these two things into just 1 simple product that saves you space and effort to carry. A great dog walking water bottle for the discerning pet owner.


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