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Pet Hair Remover Roller | Reusable | Furniture, Clothes, Carpet

  • $29.99

Pet Hair Remover Roller | Reusable | Furniture, Clothes, Carpet

  • $29.99

Pets are a blessing. Their hair is not.

No one loves the sight of cat or dog hairs all over their clothes, couch, bed and car seats. If you are a fan of sticky lint rollers like we are, you should also have this pet hair remover roller to cut down on the cost of repurchasing the sticky roller refills.

  • Large handle, easy to grip

  • Most effective on large surfaces - carpets, couch, bed, clothes

  • Cost effective in the long run - you get plenty of use out of each roller

  • Friendlier to the environment due to its long service life

  • No need to stress about buying sticky refills


Warning: It's extremely satisfying, almost therapeutic.

Move the pet hair remover roller up and down  and watch how deliciously it eats up your dog or cat hair and lint from various surfaces. Follow up with the sticky lint roller for the finer, stubborn hairs as the finishing touch. This way, you will save a ton.

Various applications for reusable pet hair remover - couch, cat tree, chair, carpet

Once it's full, remove and throw. It's a savior to every furry animal lover!

Pet Hair Remover

Get a few pet hair remover rollers today for the living room, bedrooms and car. One will not be enough if you have a lot of pets.



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