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Pet Door for Glass Door & Window | Small Dog & Cat

  • $69.99

Pet Door for Glass Door & Window | Small Dog & Cat

  • $69.99

Transparent Pet Door with pets going through it and a bigger image showing a kitten inside the house, next to the transparent pet door whilst it is raining.

If you are looking to fix a cat door on window or other glass surface, our new pet door for glass is it. Designed specifically to attach to sliding and non sliding glass doors and windows with a nice aesthetic and without costing a bomb. Made with high impact & UV resistant polycarbonate, this high quality material will last you for years to come. No more messy and unsightly PVC vinyl flaps!

Suitable for cats and small dog breeds. 

Door flap is lined with brush hair to give the best insulation seal from wind, rain, dust and insects, as well as to reduce noise when your cat or dog goes through it. Magnetic stopper pulls the flap back to its original position and keeps it in place, securing the flap from flying open during strong winds and perhaps, inviting other animals into your home.

Transparent Pet Door  with 4 way lock system

4 way locking system allows you to control your pet's movement, to suit your lifestyle needs. :

  1. In and out
  2. In only
  3. Out only
  4. Locked (best for night time)
Close up of the Transparent Pet Door lock


    Suitable for windows, sliding doors, patio glass doors or fixed glass panels of such applications by professional installers (do not install on wooden doors) :

    • Single glazed panels 
    • Double glazed panels
    • Float glass
    • Safety glass(tempered glass) - Glass to be cut during fabrication. Give the dimensions and instruction to your glassmaker so he can cut before tempering. DO NOT cut existing safety glass in your home because you can't, the glass will shatter.

    Installation must be done by a professional glazier only. Do not attempt to DIY.

    Transparent Pet Door shown from inside and outside of the house


    • Material: UV stable 100% polycarbonate
    • Color: Transparent
    • Size: 11.81 x 1.57 inches (diameter * thickness)
    • Flap size : 7.28 x 7.87 inches (width * height)
    • Fits glass thickness of : 0.12 - 1.06 inches/3 - 27mm 
    Transparent Pet Door size dimensions


    • 1 x Transparent Pet Door
    • 1 x User Manual (English) - to pass on to the pro glazier
    • Screws
    • Screw caps

    Keep the beauty of your glass door, window or panel with this aesthetically pleasing transparent pet door that would not stick out like a sore thumb! 




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