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Keep Them Busy Interactive Treat Dispenser Dog and Cat Toys

  • $26.99

Keep Them Busy Interactive Treat Dispenser Dog and Cat Toys

  • $26.99


Feel guilty of leaving your dog and cat home alone?

Golden Labrador with sad and bored face

Animals miss you when you are gone and they can get bored. Boredom sometimes breeds mischievous behaviors that can lead to disastrous outcomes.

Mischievous dog with toilet roll mess

We suggest this interactive dog toy and cat toy that will help alleviate their boredom and keep them occupied. It is a dog treat dispenser that dispenses dry treats or kibbles when it is being knocked around. Especially good for puppies because they require a ton of attention.

Benefits of interactive treat dispensing toy :

  • Provides mental stimulation 
  • Keeps pets busy when you are not able to play with them 
  • Prevent loneliness when you are away at work 
  • Keeps them moving instead of being in a sedentary state
  • Paced eating - slows down meal feeding if you use this instead of a normal bowl
Four images showing how to pour food and secure the top of the Interactive Treat Dispenser, pitbull playing and eating treats from it
Instead of treats, you can put the actual food that your pet consumes daily. This is especially good for pets that tend to gorge down everything really fast on their plate and then go and eat off from other plates.  Make them work for their food so that their eating is well paced. 

The egg shaped one is for large dogs and the buoy shaped one is ideal for cats and smaller dogs.

Size comparison of the egg shaped green vs the buoy shaped purple interactive treat dispenser

The base of the interactive treat dispenser is designed to always keep upright, so that no matter how it is knocked, it will not topple over and roll everywhere.  The maze like interior where the treats are stored prevents the treats from falling out too fast, making sure that our pets don't gorge everything down within seconds, which leads to bloating and indigestion or vomiting. Doggy and kitty has to work hard to knock it down to get it to spit out their treats. Some form of exercise is better than no exercise, right?

Anatomy of the Interactive Treat Dispenser

If pets do not immediately take to this toy, you can help by shaking some treats out so that they know it's not a storage jar but a treat dispensing toy that rewards them if they knock it down!

Dogs and cats can get bored of anything after a while, so it is recommended to put in new treats (new flavors, textures), to keep them intrigued.

Made with non toxic and durable plastic for healthy, happy pets :-).Happy dogs and cats on pink background



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