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Calming Nest Bed for Dogs & Cats | Anti Anxiety | Donut Shaped

  • $43.99

Calming Nest Bed for Dogs & Cats | Anti Anxiety | Donut Shaped

  • $43.99


A bed that is like a big warm hug that relieves pet anxiety and stress. Calming Nest Bed for Dogs & Cats 2

This nest-like bed that mimics fur creates a cozy, protective 'embrace' for your dog and cat to rest and soothe their anxiety.  As owner of 11 cats and 3 dogs, we know that the furry ones are highly anxious creatures. A bed like is luxuriously healing and comforting as it feels like they are being hugged softly.



❤️ SUPER SOFT & COZY - Plush faux fur is comforting, especially for senior pets. Reminds them of their mother's fur. It's like being comforted by Cookie Monster! (Sesame Street, anyone?)

❤️ WARM & SECURE - Great for cold nights. Raised rims makes them feel safe, allowing for comfortable rest. It feels like being in the safety of mommy's womb! Especially comforting for hairless cats. Great place to burrow and sink in during thunderstorms and fireworks celebrations.

Calming Nest Bed for Dogs & Cats 3


❤️ STYLISH - It looks very stylish in your home, wherever you place it. 

Give them the comfort and luxury of sleeping in a protective nest-like bed that they can sink into. Raised rims give them a sense of reassurance that they are protected from the surroundings. 


  • Outer layer made of polyester
  • Fill made of polyester fiber
  • Hand wash
  • Dry under the sun 

Just fluff it out once you wash it to make it back to it's original shape.Calming Nest Bed for Dogs & Cats

Your furbaby will love this. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, especially on cold nights. For senior pets that may be experiencing painful joints, this will provide them much needed comfort and relief.



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