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Kids Water Bottle with Spout | Collapsible | BPA Free Silicone | 19oz

  • $45.99

Kids Water Bottle with Spout | Collapsible | BPA Free Silicone | 19oz

  • $45.99

Kids Collapsible Water Bottle

Moms and Dads! You will earn soooo many brownie points with your child if you give them a memorable water bottle to take to school that can make drinking a fun experience and get a lot of favorable attention from their friends.


Not only that, it just makes you look like the best parents as other kids would wish their parents are as cool like that.

Our novelty kids collapsible water bottle comes in 4 sports ball types :

  • Basket ball water bottle
  • Baseball water bottle
  • Tennis ball water bottle
  • Soccer ball/Football water bottle
While it may seem like a boy's water bottle, it is really for girls and boys, as long as they like the look of the bottle and enjoy the sports as well.


    • Carabiner clip makes it so easy to carry. Just attach the water bottle to the backpack and off they go. Once it is totally empty, just collapse and attach it back to the backpack.This is the beauty of having a collapsible water bottle.


    • Water spout made of high grade PP makes drinking water fun and not messy. Twist cap is easy to clean and take on and off. Body of the water bottle is 100% food grade silicone. Non toxic. Plastic free. Safe for you and friendly to the environment. No weird taste or odor, just clean, fresh water.

    • Leak Proof. Does not leak when lying sideways or squeezed. Soft silicone body also means it is unbreakable and shatterproof.


    • Wide mouth opening of the water bottle makes it easy to fill up with water and put in ice cubes. Easier to clean as well.


    • Collapsed Size: 3.4 x 3.9(H)inches/8.7 x 10(H)cm
    • Expand Size: 3.4 x 7.1(H)inches/8.7 x 18(H)cm
    • Material:100% BPA free silicone + high quality PP cap
    • Parts: Silicone bottle, cap, carabiner clip
    • Extended full Capacity: 19oz/550ml
    • Temperature Resistance : -40°F to 240°F (dishwasher safe)



    • While silicone can tolerate high and low temperatures, it is best not to put liquids that are hotter than 40°F/60°C to avoid burning your hands while holding it, especially when it is handled by a child. 
    • Silicone bottle is soft, therefore best practice is to never fill it all the way up. You may accidentally squeeze the bottle a little when opening the cap and water may spill out due to your squeezing action.
    • Ensure that the cap is open when you expand and collapse the bottle. If you don't, you will not be able to do either successfully.

    Not only is this the best water bottle for kids to use, it is an early education to inculcate kids to love reusable water bottles instead of plastic single use bottles. Let them grow a good habit using eco friendly products through this fun experience! By the way, adults can use these collapsible water bottles too, of course.




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