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Handheld UV Sterilizer | Germicidal UVC Light Wand | Sterilize and Disinfect in 20 Seconds

  • $44.99

Handheld UV Sterilizer | Germicidal UVC Light Wand | Sterilize and Disinfect in 20 Seconds

  • $44.99


UV sanitizer can sanitize your keyboard with 99.99% kill rate

This handheld UV sterilizer in the shape of a wand is useful for items that you cannot put into the sterilizer box. Using powerful UV-C light, it kills 99.9% of germs, molds, fungi and even mites that may cause harm to you and family. Just hold the wand with the UV-C light shining on the surface area for 20 seconds at a time to properly sanitize it. Extremely versatile as it does not use liquid, heat and can disinfect many items that you cannot apply alcohol, bleach or place into the microwave or boiling water.

UV sanitizing wand disinfects in 20 seconds

Disinfect things that are just too big.

Sterilize and disinfect beds, teddy bears, keyboards and anything that is just too big to fit into a sterilizing box

Wave the UV sanitizer slowly through to kill germs and mites on the bed. If you are travelling and are terrified of the questionable bed, run the wand through the pillows, mattress and bed sheets. You should also apply the light frequently on children and pet toys, mugs, pet beds, throw pillows, baby's play mat, computer keyboard and mouse. If you allow your pets to sleep with you in the bed, a handheld UV sterilizer will be very useful indeed.

WARNING : Please do not shine the UV-C light on human skin or your pet.


Disinfect the 'cleaners'.

The most frightening germ breeders and spreaders are the kitchen sponge, shower sponge and the cleaning towel. These are the mothership for germs due to their constant damp state. The cleaning towel wipes everywhere - it picks up as well as deposits germs along the way. Imagine if you had a weekly helper who uses this towel to wipe your bathroom and then wipe your bedside table, vanity table and your kitchen island. Worse still, the kitchen sponge which is the most trusted item to wash the plates you eat off, is full of nasty germs that can make you seriously ill if you didn't wash the plates properly.


Disinfect surfaces.

Sterilize kitchen and bathroom surfaces, cutting boards with the handheld UV sterilizer

Sure, you can wipe down surfaces with alcohol and bleach in the bathroom and kitchen but that would mean you have to pull out the gloves and disposable wipes each time. Things can get messy with bleach. If you want to disinfect cutting boards, UV-C light would be a better option than bleach to prevent chemical residue transfer.


Take it on the go.

Handheld UVC light wand is ideal companion on the go. Just put it into your bag or luggage

Bring it along to sanitize anything - seat surfaces, cafe utensils, car steering wheel, office desk, office equipment, etc. It is easier to carry around for travels vs the sterilizer box. 


Auto safety shut off.

The germicidal UV wand will shut off if you turn the light upwards to face you. To restart, just face it back downwards. Never leave this wand for children to accidentally play with.


Powered by batteries.

Use it with batteries (2 x AAA batteries. 1.5V). This is a non chargeable device so ensure you have sufficient batteries. Batteries are not included to conform to international shipping policies. Kindly insert your own batteries.


1. Is UV-C light harmful to humans? UV-C has the shortest wavelength, it does not reach the living cells in the skin. All the absorption occurs in the dead cell layers. However, as you are supposed to only shine downwards, the light does not reach you. In any case, there is an auto shut off safety feature should you accidentally turn the light upwards. Do not purposely shine the light on your skin.

2. Is it safe to use the objects that has been exposed to UV-C light? It is safe. Unlike bleach, there is no leftover 'residue' in the objects. It will also not damage the item. There is not heat.

3. Can I use the UV wand on my pets to kill mites and ticks? NO. NO. NO.

4. Is UV-C harmful to my eyes? You are not supposed to stare into it. Our safety shut off feature won't allow it. If you are worried about looking at the surface while the light is shining on it, then look away.



  • Product size : 6.9" x 1.3"/175mm x 33mm
  • UV-C tube : 2W
  • UV-C wavelength : 253.7nm
  • Current : 400mA/2AAA battery 1.5V
  • Voltage : 3V
  • Buld life : 10000 hours
  • Weight : 0.3 lbs/130g

Batteries are not included in each handheld UV sterilizer to conform to international shipping policies. Kindly insert your own 2AAA batteries.



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