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Unisex Posture Corrector & Back Support Brace for Chronic Headache Relief

  • $36.99

Unisex Posture Corrector & Back Support Brace for Chronic Headache Relief

  • $36.99

Get to the root of your chronic headache by correcting your posture.

Millions experience chronic headaches or migraines frequently (especially so in this digital age!) due to bad posture and this impairs us on different levels.

Correct your posture to alleviate the pressure to the brainstem and nervous system, which causes chronic headaches. Diagram of back spine and the pressure on the cervical vertebrae, due to bad posture

The American Posture Institute says that prolonged periods of bad posture weakens muscles and can change the curve of the spine which adds pressure to the brainstem and nervous system, causing chronic headaches. Pinched nerves not also cause headache, but various body pains like sciatic pain. Hunching long hours in front of the computer is one of the major causes of this. Persisting bad posture can bring recurring pains that occur in increasing frequency with a devastating effect to your work life and social life.


Suitable for men and women

Even growing teenagers who are hunching due being embarrassed about their growing physique can benefit from this.

Teenagers can wear posture corrector to gradually improve their posture

How it works.

The brace works to pull slumped shoulders back, assisting to correct alignment and strengthen upper back muscles over time. Strong muscles will be able to hold the body in the ideal position for it to function effectively, minimizing chances of pinched nerves.

You can wear the brace for a few hours a day, start with 1 hour on the first wear then build it up to 2 hours and then more. Over time, you may lessen your dependence on it and you will notice that you become more conscious of your posture and you will automatically pull back the moment you start to hunch.


It takes time to correct years of bad habit. Be patient.

During the first wear, your may find it strange and may not like the feeling of it rubbing against your armpits. Trust us, persist with it and eventually you will be rewarded. Posture corrector can be tightened to pull the shoulders back to your comfort, so train yourself slowly. Woman showing stages of slouchiness to straightness by wearing the posture corrector over time


Can be worn under clothing

Made with breathable material, it is lightweight and soft. However, most people dislike the feeling of something rubbing against their armpits (who likes it right?) but that part is the necessary evil for the brace to work. If it's not near your armpits and too far down, it will not have that tension to pull your shoulder muscles back to straighten it. Therefore, whilst you can wear it on bare skin and put clothes over it to conceal, we recommend to wear it on top of your clothes so that it feels more comfortable. This also protects the integrity of the brace and keep it cleaner, longer. We are sure you won't like seeing your deodorant staining your brace!

Girl showing how to wear the posture corrector on top of t-shirt and then jacket over it.

People looking at you? Wear a jacket or cardigan on top of it, if you must. But who CARES? You are responsible for your health, not others. 


Not one size fits all.

Loop a measuring tape around your chest, directly under the armpits and get the circumference. Match it to our chart and pick the size best for you.

Size chart S, M, L and XL and how to measure to get the circumference of your chest.

 Man demonstrating how to wear the posture corrector in 3 simple steps.

How to wash.

If you must, hand wash with cold water, hang to air dry. Do not bleach or throw into the dryer. 
We recommend to wash this sparingly to maintain the integrity of the corrector therefore, it's better to wear over your clothes so that you don't need to wash it so frequently.Close up of woman smilling
Correct your posture and relieve yourself from debilitating chronic headaches and enjoy life to the maximum.

Disclaimer: Please note this posture corrector is not the be it and end all to health issues. Adequate exercise, stretches, rest and nutrition is important for overall physical and mental health. Love your body, mind and soul. Peace!



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