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Resistance Bands Workout for Men and Women | 11pc Resistance Band Set

  • $54.99

Resistance Bands Workout for Men and Women | 11pc Resistance Band Set

  • $54.99


GET FIT AT HOME. Hook resistance bands to doors and work out your legs using the ankle strap

When the gym is not an option, train at home. Never skip momentum that you have built so hard.This multi-functional resistance band set is your best choice as it is able to give you a full body workout. Use it for muscle strengthening, toning, fat burning either in place or fixed to the door. It is powerful enough to stimulate your muscles without expensive, bulky fitness equipment, giving you the versatility to create as many as 100 possible exercises!


FIVE TENSION COLORS Resistance exercise band has different tension weights. Stack them up to add more tension.

There are 5 different resistance bands, which can be used alone or stacked in any combination up to a maximum resistance of 100lbs. Each color is a different resistance level, so you can choose the one that suits you best and add up from there as you train. Perfect for beginners or professionals, men, women, teen or children (with adult supervision).


WEDGE IT TO YOUR DOORResistance band workout can be with a door using the door anchor, door gym, pull ups on doors

This is our favorite method as we are big on easy workouts. You can do pull ups on door. Turn your door into your workout buddy and pull away. Once done with the upper body, use the ankle straps and start working out your legs. Just close and lock the door with the door anchor sticking out from the other side. Fix the tension bands to the door anchor via the carabiner clips.Resistance Bands

STRONG TPE RUBBERResistance bands are made of TPE rubber attached to strong carabiner clips. Easy to clean, durable, strong, anti snap and can be recycled.

Our exercise bands are made with TPE rubber which is strong, elastic, durable and non-allergenicEasy to clean, it will keep well. TPE rubber can be recycled, so it's good if you are environmentally conscious.

Our resistance bands will not cost you and arm or leg, but will keep your arms and legs (and overall body and mind) strong and healthy.

To USA, we deliver via USPS which takes around 10 - 15 days, pending no delay. 

  • 2 x ankle straps
  • 2 x foam handles
  • 1 x door anchor
  • 1 x dust proof storage bag
  • 5 x tension ropesMeasurements of the 11pc resistance band set


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