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Lean On Me Buddy Neck Travel Pillow | Inflatable Travel Pillow

  • $29.69

Lean On Me Buddy Neck Travel Pillow | Inflatable Travel Pillow

  • $29.69


Need someone's shoulder to lean on when you sleep each time you travel? What happens if you are alone?

You don't want to fall asleep and lean all the way onto a fellow passenger, do you? That would be awkward.

Get this ergonomic neck travel pillow, also dubbed as the boyfriend pillow - it provides full lateral support for the upper body and prevents tension and neck strain. This is the best pillow for side sleepers - those who like to hold onto something and lean to one side when sleeping on a chair.

If you always feel awkward with neck pillows that envelopes your neck because you think you look silly, or just don't like the feeling of something around your neck, then this will make you look very elegant while you sleep. 

Inflate it, loop it around your seat to secure it and sleep! No more falling asleep on stranger's shoulders, or having those head jerk moments when you tilt forward in your sleep. Not only are head jerks embarrassing, it can be harmful to your neck as it causes unnecessary strain.

Inflatable and deflatable. When folded, it's almost as small as an iPhone. Attaches easily onto your luggage in its deflated stage.

Sleep well, your buddy will support and 'hold' you in place. Wake up with no crick in the neck. You can also use this while travelling long distance in a car, bus or train.

How to use
Position the neck pillow across the torso or on the side. Loop it over headrests to secure it so that it stays in place.

How to wash
Handwash only. Soak in soapy water for 5 - 10 minutes. Rinse off by and let to air dry. Do not throw into the dryer, do not bleach.



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