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Glow-tiful™ Jade Face Roller | Natural Jade

  • $39.99

Glow-tiful™ Jade Face Roller | Natural Jade

  • $39.99


Harness the natural power of the imperial gem with the Glow-tiful Jade Face Roller.

Jade face roller with picture of woman with glowing skin on yellow backgroundThe Glow-tiful™ Jade Face Roller is a luxurious forest green hue, beautiful to look at, an absolute joy to use. Jade is a symbol of purity and beauty.

The cool jade encourages the lymphatic system’s natural detoxification process, and brings life by boosting circulation and blood flow beneath the skin, hence a subtle glow.Woman with sunkissed glow in her face

    Jade Roller Benefits
    • Relieves facial tension through lymphatic drainage
    • Enhances skin elasticity
    • Improves and slows down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Reduces puffiness, dark circles and eye bags 
    • Helps serums and creams penetrate better into the skin
    • Promotes blood circulation for a healthy glow


      How to use
      You can use it morning and night for optimum effect. After cleansing and toning your face, put on a serum, then cream and start rolling. Use the large rolling stone for forehead and cheek areas, and the smaller rolling stone for nose and eye areas. 

      Ensure face is moist before rolling. Jade should be able to glide effortlessly on the skin. If you are tugging, it means your skin is dry and void of any emolients or you are putting too much pressure. Never tug on your skin.Woman holding jade roller to her cheek

      How to store
      Keep it in a clean container for easy reach or in the refrigerator to increase the toning effects.


      How to care
      Wash before and after using for hygiene reasons. 


      Common FAQ

      1. Do jade rollers work? Yes it does, to massage the face tissues and muscles. We tend to have many tension spots on our face and to massage these areas helps to 'soothe' out the tension, promoting lymphatic drainage and overall make face look less puffy. It is however, not a miracle cure tool, if you are expecting immediately skin lifting, it cannot do that. Only invasive treatments can, and even those do not last forever.

      2. My jade heats up fast. Why is that? The heat on your face and the rolling motion does that. However, as a natural stone, jade cools down very fast. If you feel that you are just rolling a warm stone over your face, just put it down  for less than 1 minute, relax and then use it again. It will be cool again.

      3. What is the difference between the Glow-tiful Rose Quartz Face Roller and Glow-tiful Jade Face Roller? They both work the same. Rose Quartz have minerals that the skin can benefit from. Other than that, it is really your choice on what you favor - ancient remedies(jade) or love and healing powers(rose quartz). Both work great. Email us if you are unsure which to choose!

      4. I have rosacea. Can I use a face roller? Yes. The cooling properties of the jade or even the rose quartz roller will help soothe and calm the redness. Prolonged and consistent use will help.

      Skin health is vital for youthful bouncy skin. Besides rolling, proper rest, nutrition and exercise is a must. Consistency will be rewarded. Go get the glow sisters!Features of jade roller



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