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Gel Seat Cushion | Memory Foam and Cooling Medical Grade Gel

  • $64.99

Gel Seat Cushion | Memory Foam and Cooling Medical Grade Gel

  • $64.99

Back pain and tailbone pain can be reduced with a gel seat cushion

Millions of people suffer from sitting related pains. Don't let pain be prolonged as it can severely stop you from living a better, productive life. Try our orthopedic coccyx cushion enhanced with gel filed layer infused into the top of the memory foam. Rubber-like elastomer gel mimics skin protecting fatty tissues to minimize the effects of friction and cools down the skin at a faster rate. This cushion is particularly ideal for the hot summer months.gel seat cushion, cooling memory foam cushion, ideal as wheelchair seat cushion

Great for anyone who :

  • sits long hours for work (including professional gamers)
  • sits on a wheelchair
  • sits on a geri chair to recover from operation 
  • experiences heavy sweating on buttocks and groin area

    HOW IT WORKScoccyx cushion, orthopedic cushion, gel seat cushion

    U shaped hole on the cushion helps to position the tailbone (coccyx) properly so that it is not bent, which is the right way the tailbone angle should be - straight. The hole also provides ventilation which is helpful for hemorrhoids treatment. Together with the cooling sensation from the gel, this cushion feels cool and comfortable.

     SKIN FRIENDLY GELgel foam, medical grade cooling gel with memory foam

    Medical grade gel is hypoallergenic, mite resistant, stain and incontinence resistance. Used widely in the medical industry, this gel is known as man made skin for it's softness and the way it mimics fatty tissues to move along with the skin, protecting and reducing the effects of pressure related injuries.


    MORE ERGONOMIC THAN FIRST GENERATION COCCYX CUSHIONSconcaved cushion, contoured gel seat cushion, coccyx cushion with U shaped hole

    The gel seat cushion is contoured to flow and fit better to your buttock curves. The front slopes where the thighs lay help with blood circulation, prevent legs from falling asleep

    contoured coccyx cushion with gel, best gel chair cushion


    Fits wheelchairs with seat size of 18" and above. Our gel cushion's width measures around 17.3".


    1. Memory foam cushion is too soft, why? That is what memory foam is for. It has to be soft to allow user to sink into the cushion to prevent buildup of pressure on the part of the skin that is touching the foam. If it's too firm or hard, that is when friction happens which in long run can cause pressure sores. For patients recovering from tailbone fracture, they need softness.

    2. Is it good for wheelchair patients? Yes, the hole helps to relieve possible coccyx inflammation, memory foam prevents pressure buildup and gel helps with cooling sensation to prevent excessive sweating. However, ensure patients have regular massages/physiotheraphy to simulate blood flow to the lower half of the body.

    3. How do I wash? Remove the zippered fabric to hand wash or machine wash. Wipe off any stain on the gel part. The memory foam cannot be washed, it can damage the structure of the cushion if you soak it. If it gets wet/soiled, spritz some water, blot off the stain, then sprinkle baking soda and let it air dry in an airy, dry area, away from direct sunlight. Vacuum up the baking soda after it is dry. Do not expose to direct sunlight as it may damage the gel layer on top of the memory foam.

    4. The cushion lifts my feet off the floor, is that ok? Your feet must be planted squarely on the floor for the right sitting posture. Reduce your chair height. If not possible, place a box on the floor to rest your feet on.

    Disclaimer : Seat cushions act to alleviate pressure, reduce friction and make sitting long hours more bearable. It does not cure existing bedsores. If you or loved one has bed sores, please get the proper treatment from medical expert as it is highly dangerous to leave it untreated. 


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