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Disposable Breathable Mask | Household Use

  • $119.99

Disposable Breathable Mask | Household Use

  • $119.99


Our disposable face mask is easy to wear and safe for any day use. Keeps you away from dust, pollution, pollen, even chemical smells, if you are working in a nail salon. Lightweight and comfortable to loop around the ears, it will be handy for many types of situations. If you are spring cleaning your house, this would be very practical to keep you from all that dust!


3 layers of filtration

3 ply is the industry standard for optimal performance of the mask. It is a one time use face mask, therefore, disposing it properly is also important after each usage. Do not reuse.


Darker side facing out.

Wear it correctly with the darker side facing out and the metal clamped securely onto your nose bridge, ear loops secure around your ears. Pull the mask down to cover your mouth and chin. Do not touch the darker side to your mouth once it is used.



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