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Clip In Ponytail Hair Extension | 23" | Synthetic Hair

  • $29.99

Clip In Ponytail Hair Extension | 23" | Synthetic Hair

  • $29.99


Go glam with ponytail extensions.Woman wearing Clip In Ponytail Hair Extension in brown

Our 23"/58cm clip in ponytail extensions will take you from adorable to high fashion in a jiffy. Perfect for events and special occasions where you need to add more drama to your look.Model showing the back and side view of the clip on ponytail

Made of synthetic fiber hair, it comes with 3 small clips that you will need to attach to your own ponytail and then wrap the extra piece of hair on the side around the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. The finished look is seamless, polished, yet very feminine.

Model holding and showing the front and back of the clip on ponytail


1. Will it look fake? The ponytail hair piece may not look as natural as your own hair, but because it is curly, it looks more natural than if you were to sport a sleek, straight ponytail.

2. How do I store it, it is so long! Before you store, comb through the ponytail extension to get rid of any knots.Then fold it into half at the top and then coil it around your hands, remove the coil and put it into the plastic bag it came in. If you don't like the plastic bag, get new zip lock bags. Ensure you squeeze out as much air as you can from the bag. Store in a dry place. If you are using the ponytail extension very often, then get clips and clip the ponytail onto a clothes hanger and let the hair hang down straight. Store in your closet.



Over time, you may want to wash it. Fill up a tub with mild shampoo and soak it for 10 minutes. Then rinse off the shampoo until clean. Lay it out on a towel and gently blot off excess water. Allow to air dry. Once dried, comb through and keep in a dry place. Do not ever rub the hair roughly whilst washing or drying.



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