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Clip In Extensions | One Piece Hair Extensions | 24" | Synthetic Hair

  • $36.99

Clip In Extensions | One Piece Hair Extensions | 24" | Synthetic Hair

  • $36.99

Color Chart for One Piece Clip In Hair Extensions

One piece does the job of 10. 

Our one piece clip in hair extension is the best option if you like extensions that clip onto existing hair but do not like to hassle with 8-10 pieces of individual hair wefts just to complete the look. That is 8-10 times you have to clip different parts of your hair and if you are not skilled, the result may look uneven. #thestruggleisreal
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The one piece hair extension comes with 5 clips and all you need to do is to clip it all around your crown and it's done. Decent enough volume to give you a lush look, not too overly thick that it looks too good to be true. Great for girls with existing thick or fine hair.
Hair extension length 10inches and showing the clips upclose

Anyone can do it.

Best clip in hair extension for anyone who is new to wearing clip in extensions, who does not have a professional hair dresser on standby, or just want to add quick volume without too much of a hassle.
24 inches of curly long hair extensions is enough to give you that alluring look down to your lower back. Choose from one color to mix highlights or balayage extensions.
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Synthetic hair is easier to maintain and wallet friendly. 

The clip ins are made of high grade synthetic fiber that lasts a long time with minimal care. It may not look as real as human hair, it is one of the most cost effective methods to add volume easily and quickly, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Clip in on easily, no sweat, no fuss,  just voluminous hair.
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