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Clip On Bangs | Synthetic Hair | Thick Blunt Bangs

  • $27.99

Clip On Bangs | Synthetic Hair | Thick Blunt Bangs

  • $27.99


As blunt and thick as you can get.

Fancy fake bangs but could not find a clip on bang that matches your thick hair? Maybe this could be the faux bang for thick hair that you have always wanted.

Close up of front, back and clips of clip on blunt bangs

Our synthetic bangs extensions sport thick premium fibers that cover the forehead like a curtain. Definitely try this if you have thick hair and need thick bangs to match. Do not buy if you have fine hair as the contrast would be too obvious.

4 different woman with various types of blunt, thick bangs

Blunt bangs are statement bangs. You either like them or you don't. However, with our blunt clip on bang hair extensions, you can test them out without risking cutting your own hair and disliking it.


Premium, synthetic fiber can be styled.Model wearing blonde clip on blunt bangs

The clip on faux bangs come with longer sides to help soften the angles. When unpacked and worn for the first time, the bangs are super blunt and straight. Dampen the bangs and use a curling wand (temperature at 158°F/70°C) to put in some curl at the ends to softened the blunt bangs (big roller can also be used). It will also help to make it curve around your forehead instead of just laying flat against it. Trim it as well if it is too long. 


1. Will it look natural? It will not look as natural as human hair. All synthetic hair has a shiny look to it, it's due to the treatment process. Once you have worn it more over time, it will start to look less shiny and more natural. Also, styling and trimming it can help make it look more natural.

2. Why don't you sell human hair bangs then? We do and they are more costly and requires higher care. Lastly, it is not easy to get human hair in various blonde shades.

3. Why does the clip in bang shed hair? There is bound to be some floating hair when the bangs are manufactured. It will fall out and then there will be no further shedding, unless you handle your bangs roughly. 

4. If it does not match my hair, how? You may never find a clip on bang that matches 100% your hair color. Kindly allow for some differences. It is synthetic, therefore it will be obvious it is not your real hair from up close. And people don't bat an eyelash over such details these days. Main thing is, it's a fun product and just have fun with it. Pulling your hair up in a bun with the clip on bangs will help make the difference less obvious. Alternatively, you can refresh your hair color to match your bangs. We will only replace if we sent you the wrong color from what you ordered. Kindly choose the best you can. 



Ensure you store the clip on bangs properly with all the hairs in one direction to preserve the integrity and smoothness of the hair. While synthetic hair is easier to care for than human hair, we must still be careful not to toss them around as over time, hairs can get tangled.



Over time, you may want to wash it. Fill up a tub with mild shampoo and soak it for 10 minutes. Then rinse off the shampoo until clean then apply conditioner and rinse off again. Lay it out on a towel and gently blot off excess water. Allow to air dry. Once dried, comb through and keep in a dry place. Do not ever rub the hair roughly whilst washing or drying.

Go ahead and switch up your look with statement blunt, thick bangs!Model holding up blonde clip on blunt bangs


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