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Clip On Bangs | Real Human Hair | Blunt or Wispy

  • $39.99

Clip On Bangs | Real Human Hair | Blunt or Wispy

  • $39.99


Want a new look without the risk?

We have all been there, yup. We want bangs but we are afraid they won't look good on us and it will take forever to grow them out.Model showing 2 clip on bangs look with human hair, one blunt and one wispy on a split screen

With clip on human hair bangs, you can experiment without the risk and look natural. Our real human hair bangs are easy to clip into your hair, and look more natural than synthetic ones. 

Our clip on bangs come in 2 versions - blunt or wispy, both with longer sides so that it blends better into your own hair.

  • Blunt bangs is ideal if you have thick hair so it matches with your thickness. It looks modern and edgy.
  • Wispy bangs is ideal if you have fine hair so that it looks more realistically matching to your hair. Also known as air bangs, it shows a lot of forehead, gives a more feminine, romantic, look.
Model wearing blunt clip on bangs with human hairModel wearing wispy clip on bangs with human hair



  • Styling is easier - hair is more manageable
  • Blends easier with your own hair
  • Looks more realistic with fine hair or thin hair
  • Lighter colors can be dyed (altho we recommend you go to get it done professionally)



  1. Can real hair extensions lasts forever? They can last 6 months to 1.5 years, if you take good care of it. As it is human hair, once it is cut off, there is no more nutrients feeding it. We treat it to keep it soft, silky, like how living hair should look like but over time, the treatment on the hair will deplete. However, with proper care, ours personally last for more than 3 years.
  2. What is the proper care then? Wash it less to preserve the treatment on the hair. If you wash, please follow with conditioner. Hang your clip on bangs on a coat hanger using soft clips (put cloth between clip and hair to protect from dents) instead of keeping it bunched up in a bag or box. Let it hang down in one direction. Put loose cloth over the hanger to keep it from dust. 
  3. Why should I buy if it doesn't last forever? Reputable hair extension sellers will never claim their extensions lasts forever. Please be careful if they do. We believe our price is fair for human hair.  Why invest so much when you can get same effect. If this is your first time buying hair extensions, then it is worth to invest less for your first clip on bangs. You can always upgrade to something more expensive like Remy or Virgin hair once you get the hang of actually using and caring for real human hair extension. 

Try bangs without any emotional risk, just have fun changing up your looks any time you wish! Use code BOOSH10 to get 10% off your first order.


Get 10% off first order with code BOOSH10


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