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Wireless Headphones | On Ear Headphones | Bluetooth

  • $59.99

Wireless Headphones | On Ear Headphones | Bluetooth

  • $59.99


Simple, light and stylish.

Man wearing black headphone

Comfortable user experience, outstanding audio clarity with our stylish wireless headphones, powered by bluetooth technology. We offer all the good stuff without the heaviness, chunkiness and unnecessary effects. Just a stylish, evergreen design that makes you look good.

  • Lightweight

  • Stylish

  • Wireless via bluetooth or wired

  • Foldable

  • Superior sound quality, noise reduction

  • 100 hours standby time

  • Great for gamers

  • Pink headphones available for the ladies!

  • Ability to lengthen to suit face


On Ear Comfort.Soft leather pads for on ear headphones

Soft pu leather on memory foam ensure a pleasant and gentle pressure on your ears. Noise reduction with limited ambient noise to ensure  it is safe for outdoor use as well - during jogging, biking and other activities where it is safer to be aware of surrounding noise. While this is a on ear headphone, the ear muffs are actually big enough to cover your ears, depending how large your ears are.

Long Lasting.long lasting strong battery for wireless headphones

Simple to use, with built in microphone.close up of wireless bluetooth headphone buttons

The built-in microphone allows you to take calls, speak to other gamers and talk to Siri. No need for a headset. 


Wireless to wired easily.3.5mm standard jack being use to swtich from wireless to wired headphone

Pretty In Pink.Pink wireless headphone, pink bluetooth headphone

Pink wireless headphones are much sought after but quite rare in the market that is dominated by strong male colors or bright bubble gum colors. This is just the right amount of pink without being too barbie-like or too childish. Looks feminine with a touch of class. These pink colored headphones make great gifts.

Our wireless headphones give you everything in one - functionality, practicality and style. Great for indoors or outdoors. Looks good all the time. Trust us, people will give you compliments for these good looking headphones!



  • Communication : Wireless + wired
  • Wireless type : Bluetooth
  • With microphone : Yes
  • Noise cancellation : Yes
  • Memory card : Not included. Supports up to 16GB
  • Frequency response range : 2-20000Hz
  • Waterproof : No
  • Warranty : 3 months


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