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Hands Free Step On and Snap On Shoe Covers

  • $23.99

Hands Free Step On and Snap On Shoe Covers

  • $23.99


It's one of those things you will never think you need until you need it.

These reusable indoor shoe covers keep you sane when you have maintenance workers at your home. Just bring it out, lay on the floor and ask them to step on it and voila! It snaps onto their shoes and wraps up like a dumpling and stays on, keeping any dirt/mud away from the floor and carpet. If you have to go out to the garden or have boys who came home from playing in the muddy fields, use these snap ons to cover shoes when you get indoors and take them off at the right place of the house.

It is also a very handy item to have during house rennovation - to protect newly laid out floors whilst workers move furniture in and do last round of touch ups. You don't want them to be trekking their shoes all over your newly installed wood or marble floors, right?

Flexible metal frame inside works to snap onto your shoes when right amount of pressure is applied onto them. You don't need heavy pressure, just move your shoes to the sides, front and back and it will snap up to conform to your shoe.

Hands Free Step On and Snap On Shoe Covers

 Why we love these seemingly simple invention :

  • No hands required, no need to get your hands dirty
  • Waterproof, keeps all the wetness inside, no water drips out onto the floor
  • One size fits all - unless....you are a mighty big giant 
  • Washable and reusable - this part is a bit gross, but better to wash a small piece of material than a big piece of floor or carpet, right?
  • Need only a small space to store as it can be rolled up or folded into a small ball, like below.

Common FAQ
1. Will the metal frame break? It may over time. Just like everything else, use it properly and it will last. However, we would like to set the expectation that these shoe covers are a rough and tumble use item, so be prepared for faster wear and tear.

2. How do I remove them? Simply pull them off gently with your hands or use your foot to push them off. You will eventually know which way is the best way for you when you use them.

3. Once I remove them, it is all balled up. How do I make it flat again? Just unfold them. The flexible metal frame inside will straighten out when you apply gentle pressure.

4. Will it be slippery to walk on floors? For carpet and wood floors, no. For marble floors or non textured tiles, maybe a bit, depending on the person. Just do not run in them and it should be fine.

5. Is it suitable for elderly people? Do they really need to? We do not see them walking in mud or anywhere that could possibly trek dirt all over your floor. In any case, we advise no, especially if they are using a walking stick. It's more of we do not want them to get distracted with the shoe covers and not focus on walking carefully.

How to wash
Gently unfold the shoe covers and wash them with cold water or wipe them. You can hose it down if it's very dirty. Then air dry. Do not put this into the washing machine or dryer.



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