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Discreet USB Voice Recorder

  • $29.99

Discreet USB Voice Recorder

  • $29.99


Recording has become easier and more discreet.

This seemingly harmless USB will make you feel like James Bond. It has voice recording capabilities and has no issues recording even 10 to 20 feet away. Dummy proof, turn ON to record, turn OFF to stop and save.

Perfect for recording classroom lectures, meetings, interviews, or even yourself doing a speech! Great tool for transcriptions or minutes writing too.



  • Small, easy to carry around (0.8 x 2.8(H) inches / 2 x 7(H)cm)
  • Discreet
  • Long hours of recording (up to 5 hours if fully charged)
  • Noise reduction recording
  • No messy installations only tech geeks would know, anyone can use
  • Charges itself when you plug into the computer
  • Supports up to 32GB TF card 

Turn ON, turn OFF, that's it 

Features of the discreet USB Recorder

Slide ON or OFF on the side of the USB. There is nothing more to it. You cannot do anything wrong here but don't worry, there is another way to tell. There will be a red flashing light that comes on for the first 5 seconds and then it will remain lighted for the entire duration of recording until you turn to the OFF button. This is how you will know if you are really recording or not.


Just plug and play, no tricky installations or set ups.

Discreet USB Recorder in black

No software installation. Just plug into a computer and your recording will appear in a folder, ready to be played.

Whilst it is plugged in, it will charge as well. A fully charged USB can continuously record up to 5 hours.


Supports up to 32GB TF CardDiscreet USB recorder in black and a 32GB TF memory card

The USB recorder has the capacity to support up to 32GB TF card.

You can purchase one without the card installed and have the choice to purchase your own memory card elsewhere (remember, you can only purchase up to 32GB) OR get the one that comes with a 32GB memory card from us.


Pretend that you are a secret agent with a spy voice recorder!

Well, why not? Life should not be so serious.

No more cumbersome recording devices. Just slip into your pocket or put it on your table. Completely hands free. Just press the ON button to start recording.

    This will be a gift no one would say no to!



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