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iPhone Necklace

  • $25.99

iPhone Necklace

  • $25.99


Constantly looking for your phone, aren't you? Why don't you just let it hang and chill around your neck?

Girl wearing the iPhone necklace, holding her phone

This necklace or cord or lanyard or cross body sling - whatever you wish to call it, is the best friend to your best friend - your iPhone. It's a symbiotic relationship, they complement each other perfectly, whilst making you look stylish as well.

  • Never miss photo opp moments 
  • Never drop your phone 
  • Never lose your phone
  • Never need to rummage for your phone in your impossibly huge bag
  • Never have your phone sticking out awkwardly from your pocket
  • Never have to cramp your hand holding everything and your phone
  • You can do everything whilst having your phone at a moment's reach without having to constantly hold it

Keep it hands free all the time so that you can do things that matter.

There has been many versions of this, but this is much loved now...why? The user experience is the reason. Cord is made of braided polypropylene which does not absorb moisture, is dirt resistant, lightweight and smooth to the skin.


Plus, the iPhone necklace looks trendier than the standard lanyard material that looks very officesy and does nothing to your outfit! Boosh!

Woman and her iPhone necklace

The case is clear and simple but its soft body and raised edges absorb impact, also raises the phone off surfaces, protecting both the front of the screen and camera at the back from possible scratches.

Clear TPU Iphone case with reinforced edges to protect the corners of the phone

Wear this any way you wish, like a necklace, cross body high or low to match your style and individuality. Function CAN be trendy and fun!

How to care 
This is a great innovation that will go through heavy daily grind, wear and tear. Exercise proper care and you will have a product that will last a long time. Do not wash with heavy soap or put bleach. Just wipe with damp cloth and allow it to hang dry. Once in a while, check the rings and case to ensure it is alright. When not in use, please keep it in a dry place.

We also carry the iphone necklace in solid color versions. Click here to see our colors.

Click here for solid colored iPhone Necklace cords



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